Jump Ring Making Tools

Tools for making jump rings for jewelry, chain mail and other hand mail chain.

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  • Eurotool Jump Ring Maker System

    The combination of our Quick Coiler with coiling mandrels and the Jump Ringer Cutting system allows you to make hundreds of jump rings in just minutes.

    This package includes the power coiling drill-no handle to crank.

    Easy and safe to use. Simply coil the wire on the mandrel using the power coiling drill. Then insert the coil in the coil holder.

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  • Pepe Jump Ring Maker System

    The new Jump Ring Maker system allows the user the option of making jump rings by using either the hand winding, Jacobs chuck or a standard Jacobs style hand piece on a flexible shaft motor. A standard Jacobs style hand piece is also provided in the set. 20 Inner core winding rods range from 2-1/2 mm to 12-1/2 mm in diameter. The coiled wire holder is designed for cutting the wire with a separating cutting disc using a flexible shaft tool.

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  • Mister Twister Jump Ring Coiling System

    If you are doing small projects, this is the best way to make jump rings and coils economically. Mister Twister is a slick little device with a rotating handle that attaches to the included coiling mandrels. Just thread the wire through the small hole, rotate the crank(while holding the wire in place) and you will have all the jump rings or coils you need for those small jobs.

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  • Quick Coiler Jump Ring Coiling System

    No cranking with the Quick Coiler. Create colorful and sophisticated designs using the combination of mandrels available. Each Quick Coiler set includes a battery powered drill, Mister Twister Coiler, plus coiling mandrels (In other words, it's just like the Mister Twister, except you don't need to crank). For most people, this is a big plus, for just a few dollars more. Learn More
  • Linking Ring for Jump Rings

    Our new linking rings are extra hand for opening and closing jump rings of various sizes. Learn More

  • Quick Coiler Jump Ring Maker System

    Includes everything needed to both coil and cut your rump rings. Learn More

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